Two Different Spices for Saturday’s Stew

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Now…Taking up where we left off yesterday…

We have been talking about pits this week and trusting the love of God for our rescue. So, regarding yesterday’s ‘spice’, did you laugh yet? If you completed yesterday’s spicy ‘assignment’, you did! I was so excited about it that I watched Jeanne Robertson with my husband before work this morning! That was a fun way to kick off our day! So today we’ll wrap it up as we talk about some different spices that will ultimately help you trust the love of God more…and that’s what gets us out of the pit!

Two different spices for today, and both are fun!

Spice #1, step-by-step:

A – Remember that friend you ‘zeroed in’ on yesterday? You need to start praying for her now, if you haven’t already.

B – Check your cupboards. If they’re bare, you’ll need to make a trip to ‘the corner grocer’. Otherwise, be sure you have something ‘snacky’ to offer. You may consider popcorn for this particular activity.

C – Now, call your friend, but don’t jump right into your invite, for cryin’ out loud! Ask how she is first, but don’t think your outreach is complete if she says she’s ‘fine’. There’s a reason she was on your heart…either you knew of something bothering her, or the Holy Spirit gave you a nudge. No matter what she says, offer the invitation for an afternoon visit.

D- If your friend can make it, do a quick check of bathroom, living room and kitchen. These are the most likely places she’ll visit while in your home. Don’t wash the windows or scrub the floors on hands and knees…Do a ‘light-over’…She’ll be looking to your eyes and ears more than anything else. Put on the coffee, throw some cookies on a plate…or something equally easy. Last of all, be sure your TV or computer is set up and ready to run those videos you chose yesterday. Talk little, listen much, laugh more.

Laughter is one of our two different spices today. We need to use this tool often!


If she can’t make it today (or you can’t), MAKE A DATE for the upcoming week. If you don’t make a date, it probably won’t happen. Don’t be lazy about this, even if you are the one you know is in a pit! Remember, one of the best things to do from a pit is reach out to someone else in a pit. It will not guarantee a short stay, but it will at the very least, guarantee you a brief reprieve. For just a little while, your mind is shifted onto the needs of someone else. You may even find you want to make it a habit.

Spice #2: The last of the different spices for today:

I realize your time may have been too booked to ask a visitor into your living room today. It doesn’t really matter what day you add the suggested ‘spices’ to your ‘stew’. They are, after all, only suggestions, but if you do incorporate some of them, they will make a positive change in your walk and you may actually feel a rope around your waist if you happen to be in a pit right now. So don’t fret if you’re too busy, but do make a goal to give both these spices a try.

Different spices, not spooky spices!

This last spice is very different from what many of you have heard before, and yet, it is as old as creation! We were created bare-of-shoes. Adam and Eve had no need for foot protection before the fall and even if they had shoes of any kind, they would have been made of natural products. Today’s spice is 100% natural when ‘applied’ God’s way.

It’s a God-thing

Science merely discovers what God already set in place. So, we don't really have two different spices here, just one that's newly discovered.

Not so, today’s shoes, and as God already knew, but man either forgot or never realized, going barefoot is good for us! Turns out, God put electrically related ‘stuff’ in the ground that helps our bodies work better when we connect with it. It makes sense to me. Every heart that beats does so because of electricity. Nerve endings will prove to you in a jiffy that our bodies are more than just water and flesh. Oh, and just to be clear, I wasn’t talking about a spiritual connection earlier; I’ll leave that to someone who’s interested. No, I’m only speaking of a physical connection and we need to remember the brainiac we have as our Father when we start giving science all the applause! Science merely discovers what God already set in place and in this case, it’s the ability the earth’s surface electrons have upon the human body.

This little piggy likes lots of different spices…

It would take me several blog posts to talk about ‘barefootin”, as I like to call it, but I’ll leave that to the pros. (And I’ll give you links later.) The terms you’ll hear today are ‘Grounding’ and ‘Earthing’. I know…’different spices’. Don’t let new labels for an old and simple state of being scare you off. It’s just going barefoot, that’s all. So don’t get your piggies in a pickle!

Now, mind you, experts on the subject have figured out how to get the barefoot effects without actually going barefoot. Yes, they’ve figured out a way to get the benefits of going barefoot while you’re sleeping. Okay, so I’m admittedly impressed at their intelligence and ingenuity, but it’s far from cheap while barefootin’ God’s way is free. I’ve always held to the belief that God’s way is the best way. So for me, and thousands of others, the practice of simply going barefoot suffices. If you don’t feel the same, that’s fine…it’s just feelings and preferences anyway, and no need for us (on either end) to get rattled!

You’d think a body would know how to go barefoot

Is walking the beach really one of two 'different' spices?...not really!

But actually, there are good, better and best ways to go about it. Good is wearing leather soles… But land sakes, that’s expensive! Better is going barefoot in your back yard. You can achieve the body and mind-enhancing benefits simply by sitting in a chair and letting your bare feet rest on the ground. Slightly better is sitting where the grass is dewy from the morning or a recent rain (or your sprinkler!) because water enhances the effects. So, if water enhances, what do you think could be the best barefootin’ technique? How about walking along the edge of a lake, river, stream or ocean, sloshing your feet as you go? Yes, I see you’re getting it!

I’ve got peace like a river, joy like a fountain…

Two different spices even appeal to babies. See those happy little baby feet! And we know this child is laughing!

And have you ever noticed how peaceful you feel after spending time doing any of these? Yes! It’s not just the sun, my friend! This is God’s science in action! The reports I’ve read tell me the good benefits of the earth’s electrons interacting with human chemistry can come in as little as 20 -40 minutes. This may be one very good reason why kids tend to be happier than adults. My one-year-old (today!) granddaughter is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever known and the child will not wear shoes…Heavens, we can hardly even keep socks on her feet, even in the winter! I remember being happier than a hobo in a new boxcar running around barefoot all summer, stone bruises and all.

More about those lovely little electrons…

Let me some of the reported claims of barefootin’ from a Barton Publishing blog:

  • Minimizes inflammation and eases the symptoms of inflammation disorders
  • Regulates heart rate; lowers B.P.
  • Stimulates deep sleep; increases energy
  • Eases chronic pain – often eliminating entirely
  • Thins blood, thereby increasing blood flow
  • Enables faster recovery for muscle soreness and tension
  • Regulates hormones; eases symptoms of mensturation
  • Regulates stress hormones and fosters a sense of calm
Grab your girlfriend and get barefooted! The best part of having two different spices is using them!

Can you find anything at all on this list that could help you, in or out of the pit? (See the entire blog post at Barton Publishing.) I know I could use…let’s see…1, 2, 3… I’m well over fifty so I can only use seven of them! It’s easy and cheap…What’s to lose? You may want to grab your girlfriend and run on over to the closest beach. Or backyard.

I realize that the ‘different spices’ today seemed a bit more different than usual, especially this last one. But when we look at it more closely, it goes all the way back to Creation and there’s nothing to fear in that!

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health gives and extensive and favorable report about barefooting…using a different label, of course. ;0)

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