Saturday’s Spice – Easy Physical Aids to Calm & Focus

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Hello, Saturday Friend! I’m so glad you’re taking time on your Saturday to stop in and chat with me. I know it’s the weekend and you have lots of plans, so I won’t keep you long. To wrap up this week’s ‘Word Stew’, we need to review just a tad and then I’ll tell you a couple of easy physical helps for better one-on-one times of study and prayer with God. If you remember, we covered using essential oils and organic teas for mental preparation yesterday.

From now on you and the woman will be enemies, as will your offspring and hers. You will strike his heel, but he will crush your head.” Gen. 3:15

Word study and prayer time are essential if we are serious about being part of prophecy’s fulfillment. It’s not that we actually do the crushing, because the Word says God does it. He chooses willing vessels and will never force us to be warriors. Still, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a crusher than a watcher of the other crushers. To be a crusher, I need to be ready and as we’ve saw earlier this week, the weapons of war for Christians are not things we can hold in our hands, but rather, in our heads (knowledge) and hearts (belief).

Loud is okay

So, getting back to the main topic for today…We want to know things we can do physically that can help us have better calm and focus during our time with God. Notice I didn’t call it ‘quiet time’ even if I may have slipped and used the term in previous posts. I try to move away from the idea of ‘quiet’ because I don’t want to lead anyone into thinking that’s what it has to be. When you’re with God one-on-one, you may find yourself laughing, praising, singing…because you’re conversing with a real being… your closest friend!

No self-inflicted pain, please

There may be times when you feel an urgency to position yourself a certain way…on your knees, standing with hands raised, or even in a prone position. If you feel urged to do so, then do. However, the point I really want to make is that we serve a living God. Jesus even calls us ‘friend’. My take on position is that the one that’s right is the one that’s least distracting to conversation.

Think about it. You wouldn’t sit across the table from a friend at Starbucks constantly fidgeting because your shoes were hurting your feet. Heck, no! You’d take off your shoes so you could both have a better conversation! So, to start, simply be comfortable. To kneel when you have bad knees is a distraction. To lie prone when you have a back problem is a distraction. In short, anything that brings pain will be a distraction, so position yourself comfortably so your communion won’t be hindered by needless pain. -Just don’t get so comfortable that you wake yourself snoring! (Ha! And yes, I have!) 😉

Breathe, just breathe

Entering into time with God, we want to focus and slow our thoughts. Simplified, we pay attention to our breathing. No need to sit on the floor with legs crisscrossed. Just sit up straight and slowly breathe in deeply, then out fully. I use a slow count of 8 in and a slow count of 10-12 out for a single ’round’. Choose what’s best for your comfort. Seven rounds is good, but you may want to do a few more. Once you get your breathing into a consistent rhythm, you might substitute words for counting. You could think something like this as you breathe: “I want your truths in… I want false beliefs out.” There’s no need to practice this more than a few minutes unless you’re feeling super stressed. Ease from this restful place into the Word. Prayer will come as you read. It’s fine to do in reverse.

And so we end our week’s time together. I hope you’ll make use at least some of the ‘spices’ I’ve shared to flavor your stew this week! Glean what you will from the posts and make a plan for spending time with God consistently. This one practice can change your life and will definitely transform your thinking. You may find the battles from the enemy heat up a little for a while, but that’s because our enemy wants to discourage you from this wise decision to know your God better and commune with him more deeply. The ‘Father of Lies’ wants to discourage you because the thought of what you’re becoming scares him. So, don’t stop, warrior. By the Spirit of God, you are about to do some serious head-crushing!

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” Romans 16:20

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