Two Different Spices for Saturday’s Stew

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Now…Taking up where we left off yesterday…

We have been talking about pits this week and trusting the love of God for our rescue. So, regarding yesterday’s ‘spice’, did you laugh yet? If you completed yesterday’s spicy ‘assignment’, you did! I was so excited about it that I watched Jeanne Robertson with my husband before work this morning! That was a fun way to kick off our day! So today we’ll wrap it up as we talk about some different spices that will ultimately help you trust the love of God more…and that’s what gets us out of the pit!

Two different spices for today, and both are fun!

Spice #1, step-by-step:

A – Remember that friend you ‘zeroed in’ on yesterday? You need to start praying for her now, if you haven’t already.

B – Check your cupboards. If they’re bare, you’ll need to make a trip to ‘the corner grocer’. Otherwise, be sure you have something ‘snacky’ to offer. You may consider popcorn for this particular activity.

C – Now, call your friend, but don’t jump right into your invite, for cryin’ out loud! Ask how she is first, but don’t think your outreach is complete if she says she’s ‘fine’. There’s a reason she was on your heart…either you knew of something bothering her, or the Holy Spirit gave you a nudge. No matter what she says, offer the invitation for an afternoon visit.

D- If your friend can make it, do a quick check of bathroom, living room and kitchen. These are the most likely places she’ll visit while in your home. Don’t wash the windows or scrub the floors on hands and knees…Do a ‘light-over’…She’ll be looking to your eyes and ears more than anything else. Put on the coffee, throw some cookies on a plate…or something equally easy. Last of all, be sure your TV or computer is set up and ready to run those videos you chose yesterday. Talk little, listen much, laugh more.

Laughter is one of our two different spices today. We need to use this tool often!


If she can’t make it today (or you can’t), MAKE A DATE for the upcoming week. If you don’t make a date, it probably won’t happen. Don’t be lazy about this, even if you are the one you know is in a pit! Remember, one of the best things to do from a pit is reach out to someone else in a pit. It will not guarantee a short stay, but it will at the very least, guarantee you a brief reprieve. For just a little while, your mind is shifted onto the needs of someone else. You may even find you want to make it a habit.

Spice #2: The last of the different spices for today:

I realize your time may have been too booked to ask a visitor into your living room today. It doesn’t really matter what day you add the suggested ‘spices’ to your ‘stew’. They are, after all, only suggestions, but if you do incorporate some of them, they will make a positive change in your walk and you may actually feel a rope around your waist if you happen to be in a pit right now. So don’t fret if you’re too busy, but do make a goal to give both these spices a try.

Different spices, not spooky spices!

This last spice is very different from what many of you have heard before, and yet, it is as old as creation! We were created bare-of-shoes. Adam and Eve had no need for foot protection before the fall and even if they had shoes of any kind, they would have been made of natural products. Today’s spice is 100% natural when ‘applied’ God’s way.

It’s a God-thing

Science merely discovers what God already set in place. So, we don't really have two different spices here, just one that's newly discovered.

Not so, today’s shoes, and as God already knew, but man either forgot or never realized, going barefoot is good for us! Turns out, God put electrically related ‘stuff’ in the ground that helps our bodies work better when we connect with it. It makes sense to me. Every heart that beats does so because of electricity. Nerve endings will prove to you in a jiffy that our bodies are more than just water and flesh. Oh, and just to be clear, I wasn’t talking about a spiritual connection earlier; I’ll leave that to someone who’s interested. No, I’m only speaking of a physical connection and we need to remember the brainiac we have as our Father when we start giving science all the applause! Science merely discovers what God already set in place and in this case, it’s the ability the earth’s surface electrons have upon the human body.

This little piggy likes lots of different spices…

It would take me several blog posts to talk about ‘barefootin”, as I like to call it, but I’ll leave that to the pros. (And I’ll give you links later.) The terms you’ll hear today are ‘Grounding’ and ‘Earthing’. I know…’different spices’. Don’t let new labels for an old and simple state of being scare you off. It’s just going barefoot, that’s all. So don’t get your piggies in a pickle!

Now, mind you, experts on the subject have figured out how to get the barefoot effects without actually going barefoot. Yes, they’ve figured out a way to get the benefits of going barefoot while you’re sleeping. Okay, so I’m admittedly impressed at their intelligence and ingenuity, but it’s far from cheap while barefootin’ God’s way is free. I’ve always held to the belief that God’s way is the best way. So for me, and thousands of others, the practice of simply going barefoot suffices. If you don’t feel the same, that’s fine…it’s just feelings and preferences anyway, and no need for us (on either end) to get rattled!

You’d think a body would know how to go barefoot

Is walking the beach really one of two 'different' spices?...not really!

But actually, there are good, better and best ways to go about it. Good is wearing leather soles… But land sakes, that’s expensive! Better is going barefoot in your back yard. You can achieve the body and mind-enhancing benefits simply by sitting in a chair and letting your bare feet rest on the ground. Slightly better is sitting where the grass is dewy from the morning or a recent rain (or your sprinkler!) because water enhances the effects. So, if water enhances, what do you think could be the best barefootin’ technique? How about walking along the edge of a lake, river, stream or ocean, sloshing your feet as you go? Yes, I see you’re getting it!

I’ve got peace like a river, joy like a fountain…

Two different spices even appeal to babies. See those happy little baby feet! And we know this child is laughing!

And have you ever noticed how peaceful you feel after spending time doing any of these? Yes! It’s not just the sun, my friend! This is God’s science in action! The reports I’ve read tell me the good benefits of the earth’s electrons interacting with human chemistry can come in as little as 20 -40 minutes. This may be one very good reason why kids tend to be happier than adults. My one-year-old (today!) granddaughter is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever known and the child will not wear shoes…Heavens, we can hardly even keep socks on her feet, even in the winter! I remember being happier than a hobo in a new boxcar running around barefoot all summer, stone bruises and all.

More about those lovely little electrons…

Let me some of the reported claims of barefootin’ from a Barton Publishing blog:

  • Minimizes inflammation and eases the symptoms of inflammation disorders
  • Regulates heart rate; lowers B.P.
  • Stimulates deep sleep; increases energy
  • Eases chronic pain – often eliminating entirely
  • Thins blood, thereby increasing blood flow
  • Enables faster recovery for muscle soreness and tension
  • Regulates hormones; eases symptoms of mensturation
  • Regulates stress hormones and fosters a sense of calm
Grab your girlfriend and get barefooted! The best part of having two different spices is using them!

Can you find anything at all on this list that could help you, in or out of the pit? (See the entire blog post at Barton Publishing.) I know I could use…let’s see…1, 2, 3… I’m well over fifty so I can only use seven of them! It’s easy and cheap…What’s to lose? You may want to grab your girlfriend and run on over to the closest beach. Or backyard.

I realize that the ‘different spices’ today seemed a bit more different than usual, especially this last one. But when we look at it more closely, it goes all the way back to Creation and there’s nothing to fear in that!

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health gives and extensive and favorable report about barefooting…using a different label, of course. ;0)

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Adding Spice to Friday Stew

Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes.

Happy Friday! We’ll look at increasing our emotional/mental moral today as we bounce off the ideas presented in two steps of the Pathway presented in Wednesday’s post. We’ll look at Gratefulness and Reaching Out. I think we’ll get started with gratefulness:

Adding Spice by developing gratefulness

Get your pen, paper/journal and Bible.

(Using computer, Bible apps, etc. is fine!) The benefit of today’s gratefulness exercises are an increased awareness of the blessings we do have. When we’re in the pit, we can become blind to them. If we can’t see what God’s given us in the past, it’s harder to trust him for more in the future. These help whether we’re in the pit or even to help us avoid it! Ultimately, cultivating gratefulness helps us to trust the love of God which we need BIG time when we’re awaiting ‘pit rescue’!

Read silently, Read out loud…

Then Copy the verses given below. It is important that YOU copy them…typing or writing them out yourself and focusing on their meaning as you do.

Praise the Lord, my soul;
    all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Praise the Lord, my soul,
    and forget not all his benefits—
who forgives all your sins
    and heals all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit
    and crowns you with love and compassion,
who satisfies your desires with good things
    so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. -Psalm 103: 1-5 (NIV)

Now re-read

and beneath your copy, or on another page, make a list of every benefit listed. Using this list as a guide, think about blessings in your own life that correspond to the benefits you’ve listed and write them down! As a friend of mine told me, “Sometimes you have to go waaaay back” to remember them! Think of as many as you can and when you think you can’t, think a little more. Try to find at least one blessing for each listed benefit. After each blessing you remember, write a Thank You to God, using your own words. It can be as long or short as you like because it’s not between you and anyone else, but God!

Don’t worry about spelling, handwriting or anything like that!

This is an exercise for heart, mind and spirit and they’re only visible to God. He doesn’t care about the outward appearance!
1 Sam. 16:7 – “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. A man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Like adding this spice?

You may come away from this exercise wanting more! It’s easy to enhance this part of your journey through a deeper study of God’s view on gratefulness. Like the spaghetti sauce commercial says, “It’s all in there!” You can use a Bible Concordance if you prefer working with books, but if online is your thing, simply Google, ‘Scriptures about gratefulness’ and get ready!

Adding Spice by Reaching Out

This ‘spicy’ exercise is easier and will make you laugh while helping someone you love!

Who’s hurting?

First, pray. Ask God to bring to mind people that you know are hurting, or even one you don’t know about yet! Write 3-5 names down. Pray over them, asking God which one you should reach out to, unless he’s already made that clear.

Now, have some fun and laughs

Follow this link to some very funny videos of very funny ladies. Pick and choose which to watch, asking God to lead you to the right funny-gal for your friend. This is the time for you to watch alone…We’ll get to the rest tomorrow. You’ll want to be prepared with coffee (or other beverage), cookies (or other snack) and tissues (or prissy-girl hankies).

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Spice to our Stew – Thursday’s Intro

Reviewing our plan

In yesterday’s post, “Trusting the Love’ , we looked at five paths that bring us to a stronger place of trust in God. Friday and Saturday, we’ll springboard off of a few of them to add spice to our stew. We set these days aside for trying something new or different. Fridays focus on emotional/mental helps and Saturdays lean more in a physical direction…meaning, something you can do physically that will help in the area discussed.

Friday’s spice to our stew

Friday we'll add spice to our stew and stir the pot just a little.

Tomorrow, we’ll use the ‘Bonus Pathway’ listed yesterday, ‘Be Grateful’, as well as Pathway #5, ‘Reach Out! Did you know that humor is a gratefulness tool? Part of the reason we laugh at comedy is relief. We’re not in that particular boat right now, and boy are we glad of it! Relief is a form of gratefulness and comedy is a great way to reach out and cheer up a friend. It looks like we’ll just have to use humor in our helps this weekend, doesn’t it?

Saturday’s spice to our stew

Saturday we'll add spice to our stew and stir it up in a different direction.

Saturday continues our ‘Be Grateful’ and ‘Reach Out! Pathways, We’ll have a couple of projects: One involves taking thankfulness from concept to concrete and the other involves reaching out to a friend. We’ll use the tools of creativity and again, humor. Additionally, the tool of friendship will level up our fun! To give yourself more time, consider doing the planning on Saturday, but actually following through at a later date. Even the planning will lift your spirits!

We need to add spice daily

So many beautiful ways to add spice to our stew!

I want to leave with the reminder that the upcoming exercises (‘spices’) are helps to our trusting the love of God. I know some look as if they are only for laughter, but there is more than meets the eye. Laughter mends and lifts the heart and the mended, lifted heart is more likely to dare to trust the love of God. And trusting God is how we get out of the pit! Nonetheless, please do follow through on the other exercises as well. They will strengthen your resolve and calm the storm of your wait. And don’t just ‘do them to get through them’, practice them often.

Proverbs 17:22 “A joyful heart is like medicine…”

If you’d like to test the truth of the Proverb above, try Chonda Pierce on for size!

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Trusting the Love – (Eat Your Veggies Wed.)

Before beginning our ‘Trusting the Love’ discussion… Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes.

Trusting the love…what’s love got to do with it?

What does ‘trusting the love’ have to do with the discipline we speak of on ‘Eat Your Veggies Wednesdays’? We have learned it takes more than wishing to trust outside of ourselves. But what’s love got to do with it? We tend to believe love and discipline don’t belong in the same sentence, perhaps by viewing discipline in the wrong light. Do we think it always involves some sort of corporal punishment? At the very least, we see discipline as unpleasant, so we question its connection to love. We may also be looking at love in the wrong light, believing ‘yesses’ say love and ‘no’s’ say, not-so-much love.

Veggies: Testaments of love

But Momma made me eat my spinach and it wasn’t to torment me. (Come to think of it, she made me eat stewed tomatoes, too, and sometimes I still wonder about that!) Honestly, parents feed us the healthy stuff out of love and wanting life’s best for us, not because they’re looking for a fight. We reach an age where we understand that those veggies were love offerings! (Have you seen the price of good veggies lately!!??)

Trusting the love in the pit

Can we trust the love in the pit? Well, you tell me…Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den. In that kind of pit, you don’t starve to death, you feed the starving. And it’s like, you’re their fast food fix! But the lions couldn’t even open their mouths to roar and Daniel, for all his political nonconformity, was placed in higher political view. He trusted God’s love in the pit.

And Jeremiah, thrown into a muddy pit for telling the truth. But he trusted God in the pit, too. Then God saw to it that he was removed, given a place to live in the King’s Court and trusted and protected by the king.

The most popular pit account is that of Joseph. He didn’t die in the pit, either. In fact, he moved on to several non-literal pits before things turned around for him, didn’t he? You know what he never did? He never gave up on God’s love. You know what he did do? While Joseph was trusting God’s love, he grew.

We’ve moved a little to the non-literal idea of a pit, so let’s look at other Biblical leaders. Jonah in the whale. Paul on the ship in a terrible storm. Jesus on the Cross. We can see from all our examples that people find themselves in pits for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, it’s a season of discipline. Sometimes, we’re pushed. Rarely, we volunteer. But in every case, one thing is the same: If we depend on God’s strength to save us, he will.

"...and crowns you with love and compassion." Ps. 103:4

“Who redeems your life from the pit, and crowns you with love and compassion.” -Psalm 103:4

Five Paths to trusting the love (Paths 1-3)

Paths to trusting the love

There are ways to discipline ourselves to be better at trusting God’s love while we’re in the pit. Unless you’re a volunteer like Jesus was, you need these disciplines. If you’re not in a pit right now, I hope you never are. However, if you’ve come this far and have never been in a pit, chances are pretty high that there’s one somewhere ahead. Would you prefer a short stay?

1- Know the stories!

I’ll give links at the end of this post to Biblical accounts of others in pits. You read them. Then look at the small details, the before’s and after’s. Read in context and read in detail. Well, what I’m saying is, study the stories!

2- Believe the Word is true!

Trust the love by believing.

Please don’t do yourself the disservice of thinking the Bible is just a book. It is God-breathed. It is true. And neither Old Testament nor New Testament stories are embellished, analogy, fable or legend. It’s the real, solid deal. 2 Timothy 3:16, Heb. 4:12, Rom. 15:4, Isaiah 40:8, Matt.7:24 

3- Trust the love of God in his Word.

Discipline 3: Trust the love through God's Word.

Will you believe me when I say he gave it to us because he loves us and doesn’t like to see us suffer? Or when I say he doesn’t send us suffering but he WILL use it for good? Will you believe him that he will not only use it for good, but for your good? I understand that you’re wanting to learn to trust him and here I am telling you to trust as you learn, but hey…practice makes closer to perfect! ;0) STUDY: James 1:13, Job 34:12, Rom. 8:28, James 1:17

4- Pray, Baby, Pray!

Discipline 4: Trust the Love through Prayer

Does it sound like I’m making light of your dilemma? I. am. not. I’m just emphasizing the fact that you need to do this and then do it some more. Focus on noticing God’s presence with you. I don’t think you can do this well if you’re moving around physically OR mentally. Meditation is wonderful, but I do not want to present meditation to you incorrectly. Christian meditation is not about emptying the mind, it’s about filling with and focusing on God’s Word. Use one promise found in Scripture or several supporting your. Don’t concern yourself that it may take a while to look these things up. It will, but that just means you’ll see and consider more. Believe me, God will use it for your good! I’m sending you to a page full of prayers. Or you can just pour out your heart.

5- Reach out!

Discipline 5: Trust the love by reaching out.

We know those folks walking by can’t help you out of your pit. Either they don’t have the tools or their tools are faulty! Remember not to put your expectations upon them. I’m not talking about you reaching out to them for help, I’m talking about your helping them! Oh no! Don’t you say you can’t, because you can! You are already focusing on promises that will help you trust more. Do you think you’re the only one who needs that? You are not. They need it, too. Therefore, as stuck as you are in your pit, cry out promises to them. They may just be sitting on the edge of their own pit. Maybe they can’t help you, but maybe you can help them. Hebrews 6:10, Galatians 6:2, Luke 6:38

Bonus- Be Grateful!

Bonus discipline: Trust the love by practicing gratefulness.

Am I trying to be a Pollyanna? Umm, no, however, it wouldn’t be bad. Heaven knows I wish I were more like that little bonnie lassie! I’m going to give you the Scripture passage for this mindset and I want you to read it. Then, I want you to read it in several versions. Really think about what it says…and notice what it says about the pit… Psalm 103:2 You know, on second thought, I’m going to give you the link to the Bible Hub page for this Scripture. You can immediately see at the top of the page, the many versions offered there.

Trusting the love in head and heart

There is much to consider, therefore, you have homework! Go do it. It will get you out of the pit faster, or prepare you for what may lie ahead. Trusting God is your head answer. Trusting the love of God is your heart answer. Use both. <3

To help the Word travel from head to heart, here are accounts of three strong women in pit-like places. See if you can determine where they ultimately placed their trust: Hannah, Abigail, Esther

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From Mud to Rock! (Tuesday’s Word Stew)

Before beginning, ‘From Mud to Rock’… Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes.

Today, we’ll complete my ‘pit season’ story as we look at the second part of our Scripture, and discuss how I found the way from mud to rock. The beginning of the story is right here.

…from mud to rock!

“He lifted me out of the watery pit, out of the slimy mud, He placed my feet on a rock and gave me secure footing.” Psalm 40:2

Not subject to personality type

I can’t tell you the times I’ve yearned to be still and know God better. But my ‘Type A’ nature stood in the way. I take that back. I allowed my Type A nature to stand in the way, and know now that it doesn’t have to be that way. Since my head injury, thoughts spin even faster than before. Now, however, things are different and I don’t wait as long to work towards stillness with God and in his Word. In fact, I’m on a path of taking moments throughout every day for stillness. Things are certainly not perfect, but they are different, better and growing better. If you ever wonder about your personality and whether is can stand in the way of God’s purpose for your life, consider Peter. I am certain he learned how to be still and know God. For more encouragement on that, read this.

The fallacy of abilities

In the past, being able to do a variety of things easily made deciding what to focus on difficult. It also made me a ‘Jack of all Trades’ and ‘Master of None’ kind of person. I never realized that various abilities had me trusting in myself. I thought I asked God to handle my life, but until the pit, I only asked in the hardest moments. Afterwards, I was back depending on myself. I didn’t realize I had the root belief, “Go to God when things look impossible; afterwards, you’re back on your own.” But it was wedged deeply! My injuries and senior age now cause me to be a little less physically able as in the past. But today I know whatever I have; whatever I don’t have, doesn’t matter. God keeps in me what he needs to fulfill my purpose in this earthly life. The rest, he prunes. John 15:2

Solid Ground

I was in the pit a long time. The original wound from my injury healed. In the absence of the first pain, another pain surfaced. And these were excruciating pains that brought P.O.W. torture camps to mind. This cycle continued. My newly shifted trust caused me to call out continuously to the only one who could help. Placing dependence (and expectations) on myself and others is a trap. –Psalm118:8 I have one Savior and my high expectations and trust are in him now. I kept calling and he kept healing my wounds, one after the other. -Psalm 103:3 The processes of all that healing weren’t a cake walk. But I remember thinking in the midst of them that the pain would eventually be a memory. God says everything works for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose so I can build my house on the sinking sand of doubt or choose the solid ground of God’s promises.

From mud to rock

From the place of the slimy pit, some strongholds have lifted, while others are still lifting. I believe all of them have been rooted in beliefs from decades past that I didn’t even know I had. They are beliefs based on experience rather than God’s Word. This new trust I have seems to be different…deeper and more sure. Aha! It just now occurs to me that it is exactly as this Scripture depicts…no longer slippery but solid. Solid as a Rock! Woo-hoo! I am changed and changing, you see? Be lifted, sweet friend. When you keep trusting God, holding on tight through the tears and torments, you will be changed too. Your feet will be up on that rock and you’ll look down and marvel at how spotless they are!

Tomorrow, we’ll add some veggies to our stew as we look at applications and disciplines that will help us put our trust where it best belongs while we await rescue.

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Bone Broth Monday…About those Pits

Before beginning ‘Bone Broth Monday’… Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes here.

“He lifted me out of the watery pit, out of the slimy mud, He placed my feet on a rock and gave me secure footing.” Psalm 40:2

Life in the Pits

Today, we’ll look at pits. Here’s a link to a ‘Knowing Jesus’ page showing Scripture with the term, ‘pits’, but before you go there, I have to tell you it doesn’t look so good. The majority of what you’ll find is that pits are reserved for the bad guys! So, I had to take some extra time to study, pray and sort out my understanding of my own personal ‘pit season’.

I blamed myself

For my failings, sins, unbroken habits… I blamed myself and felt the shame. I have been sad, angry, remorseful, repentant and angry again. If you’ve been in a real pit, ever, you know how easy it is to over-think, over-blame and sink into a place of despair. I have read, and believe from my own experience, that despair is the unwelcome companion of chronic pain.

Not hell-bound

I knew I wasn’t in my pit because I was hell-bound. I belong to Jesus and knew God wasn’t the one who pushed me into the pit. Nor was it at my brothers’ hands as it was with Joseph. It wasn’t pride over material possessions as I have few. I even knew it wasn’t a pit I dug for myself. If I claimed to know these things all on my own, I’d be guilty of the sin of pride, but I know it’s not that, either. These are Holy Spirit answers to my own questions as I sought to make sense out of God’s allowing me to be pushed into that muddy hole.

And therein lies the crux

God allowed. So, if he said okay to satan’s trying to weed me out, there was a reason and I believe he has told me. He doesn’t have to do that. He could just say, “Suck it up and put on your big girl panties.” (This is how I was raised.) But he loves me and promises when I seek him, I’ll find him. He teaches if I keep asking, he’ll give. –Matthew 7:7 He says I’ll find mercy and grace if I come boldly to his throne, Hebrew 4:17, and promises to give me rest. -Matt. 11:28 This is all the ‘bone broth’ I speak of so often. It is the base, foundation and nutrient-dense Word of God! It’s the rope needed when in the pit. Pits aren’t from God but don’t surprise him! Isaiah 42:8-9; John 13:19 He will use them for our good. -Romans 8:28.

Inside the pit

It is deep, dark, watery and slimy. I don’t know what is around me there. I am already wounded by the fall. Is there more to come from unseen dangers? There is nowhere in the world I would rather not be, but the water seeping in from the sides has made such a thick mud, I can’t move. I try to grasp the sides, perhaps to find a hold and somehow pull myself out. There is nothing to grasp and my hand recoils at the mold. I moan in disbelief. There is no way out. I cry out, but no one answers although I see shadows passing at the pit’s mouth. They keep walking, unwilling to see. My hope begins to shift.

When hope and trust shift

To say hope shifts is to say trust shifts. We put our hope in the things or people we trust. If you are here as a Christian, you have already learned trust is wasted when put into things. Ironic as it sounds, even American money preaches this. It is a different thing, however, when we stop to consider people, most of all that person in the mirror. Without even knowing it, we can trust others and ‘yours truly’ more than we trust God. When we do that, we place impossible expectations upon them…or ourselves.

When you fall into a watery pit, it’s not just messy, it’s sticky. Watery pits give no place for escape. There is no choice but to be still and wait for rescue. In this place, trusting anything outside of God breaks into little, tiny pieces. This is a good thing, so if that’s where you are, I cheer you on! In the midst of your discouragement, let me encourage you! You are about to place your expectations in the right place. Don’t worry, you can’t hurt God one little bit with high expectations. I dare say, he welcomes them! If they are wrong expectations, due to wrong motivation, your loving Father will let you know. The great news is, you can stop hurting yourself and others by putting all that hope into the laps of mere humans.

Where are you looking for help today?

“I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” -Psalm 121:1-2

There is more to this story that is sure to brighten your outlook! (Oh, can we praise God for Happy Endings…or is it, rather, Happy New Beginnings?…) Tomorrow we will look at the second half of our verse… “…He placed my feet on a rock and gave me secure footing.” Until then, be greatly blessed! <3

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Sunday’s Recipe

Before beginning… Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes.

Whoa, Nellie!

Hello, dear one! I hope your Sunday is sunny! If there’s no sun in your sky, I pray you feel the Son in your heart. His love brings light to all forms of day. I was prepared to move on topically, but this morning during reading, felt strongly, ‘It ain’t over yet’. So now, my friend, will you trust me enough to ‘wing’ through the week with me? Are you curious (I hope so!) about what more God would speak to us regarding our heels and feet? I am and I want all he has to offer. Our Father knows what we need and I don’t want to skip ahead of him. That could mean losing the important foundation of what he wants to build!

We will be changing our Scripture focus

and it may even change from day to day…let’s just see what God wants. We’ll begin with the following:

“He lifted me out of the watery pit, out of the slimy mud, He placed my feet on a rock and gave me secure footing.” Psalm 40:2

So, we’re looking at our feet again! This week, we’ll see how our Lord can take us from ‘stuck in muck’ to standing firmly on a rock! Sounds mighty good to me! I’ve been fighting a nasty (nasty) cold for over a week now and don’t you know I awoke with that ‘slimy pit’ feeling this morning!?

But that’s nothing compared to the slimy pits I’ve become acquainted with over the past few years. I promise you, I know what it feels like! The feelings of betrayal and loneliness are not unknown. I understand kicking yourself for your self-pity. I have been in those pits, friend. They’re hard places that make us hurt and cry and wish so much to be out of them! I’m no stranger to wondering why everyone seems to be going past your pit without even hearing your cries. I know the anger, the remorse…and the humilty. My dear friend, I know the pain of pits.

I’ve been in that horrid place, and still struggle, some days, to stay on the grassy top-side. There is glory to be found in it, however…I have learned to trust the unyielding love, power and determination of our Lord! He is adamant in his resolve to save us. Not just our inner man, but everything of our bodies and souls as well. Surrender isn’t part of his vocabulary. He will not go away, in fact, he’s right there.

And I’m thinking that’s why God has me sticking around on this ‘sticky’ subject. To add to the pun…’Stay the Course’ is a saying that means, ‘stick to it.’ It also means, ‘stand your ground.’…Even when it’s slimy and slippery and trying to suck you down.

Ha Ha! It occurs to me we might be here for awhile.

Daily Schedule

We usually pour study of the Word (our foundation of nutrient-dense ‘Bone Broth’), into Monday and Tuesday. We wind up on Wednesday with disciplines (‘veggies’) that we need to incorporate into our daily ‘Word Stew’ (Bible-based Walk.)

Two days with two ‘spices’

Thursday is an ‘easy day’ and consists of a brief review and introduction to the four ‘spices’ of the week. (Some might call them ‘life hacks’, others may call them life skills, and still others, ‘alternate approaches’). I call them spices because they add flavor and extra excitement to our Word Stew! Some or all of these may be new to you. Are you an expert on an area we address? I’d love to hear your (sweet) response in the Comments below! I am not the all-out expert, regarding the ‘spices of life’, but I will link you to others who are!

We will divide our spices into two groups. Friday‘s two spices will help enhance things to do with the mind and emotions. Saturday‘s two spices will be more along the lines of tangible/physical measures helpful to overall well-being. I do this on Saturdays to help remind that we need to get out and move our bodies! I won’t ‘guilt you’. …Well, I can’t completely promise to that, but at least, I won’t do it with force.

For those of us with time-consuming work, positive movement can be grocery shopping for healthy foods. It may be something as luxurious as a pedicure! Our bodies were created on a seven-day cycle, so one day each week, we should do something that feels restful. We need to do something we don’t always get to do. On a tight budget? You Tube is full of DIY projects!

What God’s spice looks like

I don’t mean we should be sinking back into a sinful place we’ve come out of. We should be listening to the grace of the Spirit as he defines what brings true joy to our souls. Now take a deep breath and understand this…He is not as demanding or domineering as you have been led to believe. I will do my best regarding all the ‘spices’ to connect their dots to our Scripture focus(es). I will be asking Father to show me so we can all “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” -Psalm 34:8

Tomorrow, we begin by grabbing hold of Jesus and holding tight while he starts the heavy lifting. 🙂

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Saturday’s Spice – Easy Physical Aids to Calm & Focus

Before beginning… Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes.

Hello, Saturday Friend! I’m so glad you’re taking time on your Saturday to stop in and chat with me. I know it’s the weekend and you have lots of plans, so I won’t keep you long. To wrap up this week’s ‘Word Stew’, we need to review just a tad and then I’ll tell you a couple of easy physical helps for better one-on-one times of study and prayer with God. If you remember, we covered using essential oils and organic teas for mental preparation yesterday.

From now on you and the woman will be enemies, as will your offspring and hers. You will strike his heel, but he will crush your head.” Gen. 3:15

Word study and prayer time are essential if we are serious about being part of prophecy’s fulfillment. It’s not that we actually do the crushing, because the Word says God does it. He chooses willing vessels and will never force us to be warriors. Still, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a crusher than a watcher of the other crushers. To be a crusher, I need to be ready and as we’ve saw earlier this week, the weapons of war for Christians are not things we can hold in our hands, but rather, in our heads (knowledge) and hearts (belief).

Loud is okay

So, getting back to the main topic for today…We want to know things we can do physically that can help us have better calm and focus during our time with God. Notice I didn’t call it ‘quiet time’ even if I may have slipped and used the term in previous posts. I try to move away from the idea of ‘quiet’ because I don’t want to lead anyone into thinking that’s what it has to be. When you’re with God one-on-one, you may find yourself laughing, praising, singing…because you’re conversing with a real being… your closest friend!

No self-inflicted pain, please

There may be times when you feel an urgency to position yourself a certain way…on your knees, standing with hands raised, or even in a prone position. If you feel urged to do so, then do. However, the point I really want to make is that we serve a living God. Jesus even calls us ‘friend’. My take on position is that the one that’s right is the one that’s least distracting to conversation.

Think about it. You wouldn’t sit across the table from a friend at Starbucks constantly fidgeting because your shoes were hurting your feet. Heck, no! You’d take off your shoes so you could both have a better conversation! So, to start, simply be comfortable. To kneel when you have bad knees is a distraction. To lie prone when you have a back problem is a distraction. In short, anything that brings pain will be a distraction, so position yourself comfortably so your communion won’t be hindered by needless pain. -Just don’t get so comfortable that you wake yourself snoring! (Ha! And yes, I have!) 😉

Breathe, just breathe

Entering into time with God, we want to focus and slow our thoughts. Simplified, we pay attention to our breathing. No need to sit on the floor with legs crisscrossed. Just sit up straight and slowly breathe in deeply, then out fully. I use a slow count of 8 in and a slow count of 10-12 out for a single ’round’. Choose what’s best for your comfort. Seven rounds is good, but you may want to do a few more. Once you get your breathing into a consistent rhythm, you might substitute words for counting. You could think something like this as you breathe: “I want your truths in… I want false beliefs out.” There’s no need to practice this more than a few minutes unless you’re feeling super stressed. Ease from this restful place into the Word. Prayer will come as you read. It’s fine to do in reverse.

And so we end our week’s time together. I hope you’ll make use at least some of the ‘spices’ I’ve shared to flavor your stew this week! Glean what you will from the posts and make a plan for spending time with God consistently. This one practice can change your life and will definitely transform your thinking. You may find the battles from the enemy heat up a little for a while, but that’s because our enemy wants to discourage you from this wise decision to know your God better and commune with him more deeply. The ‘Father of Lies’ wants to discourage you because the thought of what you’re becoming scares him. So, don’t stop, warrior. By the Spirit of God, you are about to do some serious head-crushing!

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” Romans 16:20

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Friday’s ‘Spice’- Promoting Calm and Focus

Before beginning ‘Friday’s Spice’… Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes here.

Happy Friday, my friend!

Hey, there! I hope your Friday is going well so far! I’m usually a bit earlier getting these posts out, but yesterday I had a sudden appointment. (My hubby is a smash-bang realtor and I have to be ready to meet his clients at the drop of a hat!) So, here I am on Friday, writing Friday’s post!

Weapons of warfare!

We’ve been talking about prayer and declaration as our ‘weapons of warfare’. Fridays and Saturdays are set aside to give you ‘spice for your stew’ in the form of alternate helps and today, I’ll give you some suggestions for calming and focusing products. These are great tools for entering Word study and prayer… those awesome weapons of spiritual realm battle!

The problem comes in the whirl

I’ve been ‘into’ natural helps for years, but since my biking accident and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in 2016, I’ve turned to some of them even more. Well, not exactly since. First, I actually had to get to the point where I could start caring for myself and think past putting one foot in front of the other. I reached that point faster than the medical folks expected (via God’s Grace, my husband, Jim, our adult friends and a few close friends). However, I soon found that despite the final report of ‘no residual damage’, my mentality has changed a bit. Some days I actually wonder if they slipped a fast forward button in before they put my skull back together! So, while I’ve always been a bit more on the hyper side, now my thoughts can whirl at lightning speed! The problem comes in the whirl. I need more help to engage calm and focus.

Oils help with that, so I’m going to give you a list of some and send you to Young Living Essential Oils as well. Of course, you can look wherever you like, but please do use high quality oils! Do-Terra is another quality oil company that branched off of Young Living. (They are competitors but I’ve always felt competition helps keep costs down and quality up!) Just so you, know, in the future I may recommend Young Living and link it back to myself, but not today. So, I’m just sending you to the ‘main office’. See links to both a the end of this post. 🙂

Some essentials….

Here’s a list of essential oils that may help you with calm or focus, or both:

Melissa, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lemon, Ylang-Ylang, Basil.

I’m not saying there aren’t more, there may be! But this is good start. If you are opting for early morning prayer, which I recommend, you may not need a lot of calming! Lemon, Peppermint and Basil can be helpful in waking up the mind. The qualities listed of Peppermint would make it a very strong candidate.

If you’d like to try something that has single oils blended together, Young Living also offers ‘Clarity’ and ‘Brain Power’ blends. I have had very good results with their blends so far!

Since we’re talking about morning, I wonder if I could talk you into foregoing just the first cup of coffee in lieu of a hot tea?

“Tea for two and two for tea, me for you and you for me!”

I’ve been using teas for several years and while some are ‘meh’ to me, others are like, “Where have you been all my life!?” In the past year, my husband jumped on the wagon and somehow landed on Genmaicha tea for clarity. He has a cup in the afternoon to avoid hitting that wall. He tells everyone about it, so I’m telling you, too! Another favorite is Rooibus or ‘Red Bush’ tea. I love the spiced one. There are others I’ve seen recommended for focus and clarity but the others I’ve seen are also good for calming and soothing, and some, for sleep…and I’m thinking most of us don’t need that in the early morning! So, I’m only listing these two, but please be encouraged to try others as well.

Sourcing your teas

You can buy online if you’re into that, but even the smaller grocery stores now sell varieties of tea. Do try to buy organic as tea comes from plants and man is so prone to using ‘-cides’ on plants! Rishi and Numi are good ones, but there are many others. Over time, I’ve gotten much use from Yogi and Traditional Medicinals for a variety of uses. Everyone who makes organic advertises it on the box, so look for it. Several grocery chains have their own organic brands now, so that could save you a few coins.

“…I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly…Good-bye!…”

And that’s it for today. Consider adding these oils and teas to your morning prayer preparation. You might think of them as a kind of ‘probiotic’ that aids your spirit in assimilating all the nutrient-dense benefits of God’s Word. Entering prayer time with a calm and focused mind helps our spirit just as probiotics help our bodies digest and assimilate nutrients in foods we eat!

Think of me when you sip your tea! Then again…don’t. This time is supposed to be for you and your very best friend! Haha, Silly me! Be blessed and I’ll see you tomorrow for a couple of physical helps you can try. <3

Links: Young Living Essential Oils Do-Terra Essential Oils

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Help is on the Way! Introducing Products and Movements

Other pages are still under construction, but you can check out the ‘A New Name…’ page to learn more about recent changes here.

On Thursdays I hope to offer you suggestions of helpful products (foods, oils, teas or other) and techniques (bodily movement and more) for reaching our Wednesday Disciplines. Thursday is our day to take a peek at what’s coming Friday and Sat. It’s our ‘easy’ day with the purpose of introduction to ideas that may be new to you. Feel free to do your own research on these products or ideas if you wish, but do come back and see what I present on Fridays and Saturdays. Use your God-given discernment to decide whether or not to try any of my suggestions.

Honing our discipline

One discipline we spoke of yesterday was prayer and the other was Bible Study. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you will find that either comes easily on the wings of the other! I may whisper a prayer when I wake up, but I don’t get into deeper prayer until God’s Word shows me what I need to pray for. I’m not talking about a prayer list, here. I’m talking about reading the Word and letting the Holy Spirit nudge my heart.

Easy Helps

To pray or study effectively, we need to quiet ourselves. We need to slow our bodies and minds from worrying about the day ahead and turn our attention only to God through reading his Word and talking with him.

Tomorrow, I’ll share a couple of helpful products for calmness and focus that are easily purchased. If I am ever affiliated with anything I recommend, I will tell you and that’s a promise! Saturday, I’ll share easy physical helps that will quiet and give you better focus, too.

Review, Think, Journal, or Leave a Comment

See? I told you Thursdays are easy days. If you feel a little neglected, please accept my apologies and my encouragement that you hit the arrows at the top of this post to go back and review this week’s Bone Broth and Word Stew. Meditate, journal and remember, you can always discuss your thoughts right here in the Comments below!

See you tomorrow, my friend!

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